The Most Common Health Problems in Dogs That Owners Should Know

dog health

Dogs are generally healthy for the most part, and their resilience is one reason why they are so easy to own. If you are a responsible and loving owner who takes care of your four-legged buddy, it means you do not expect it get sick. However, you do have to understand that some health issues can still surface and it is your job to be familiar with the most common ones so that you can detect them early. Early detection is critical since the manner and time of response could mean life or death for the pet. Once you figure out something is wrong, you must set an appointment with the veterinarian for a check-up. But first, you must know what those common health problems are.

dog health issue

1 – Skin Issues

It is natural for dogs to develop some kind of skin allergy or problem, especially if the environment it spends most of its time is not as clean and sanitary. Of all the problems dogs face, those related to the skin are the easiest to detect since they start itching and scratching. When it gets worse, they do it uncontrollably, leading to a reddish and inflamed skin. Allergies, contaminants, and parasites are the common culprits of skin problems.

2 – Ear Infection

It also is easy to figure out if your dog suffers from ear infection as it frequently shakes its head or scratch the ears. The reason for that behavior is because of an ear discharge or maybe some debris got stuck inside, like dirt or dead insect. Keep in mind that ear infections are more serious than skin allergies and itchiness. It means you need to visit the vet as soon as possible for your dog to get treatment. Do not wait for more than a couple of days before you address the problem.

3 – Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most frustrating things in life is when you see your dog suffering from urinary problems. While some owners think that when they pee inside, it is just because of the lack of training or their dogs being stubborn, it might actually be a sign that it is suffering from a more serious condition. If your dog has an inappropriate urination habit or always seems to be thirsty, you need to take it the vet right away to be checked. The dog in this case needs treatment such as antibiotics for infection.

4 – Vomiting

While the first three issues are somewhat tolerable in a day or two, this fourth common dog problem is different. When your dog vomits, you must set aside all other things you need to do and get the animal straight to the veterinary clinic. Vomiting may be a sign of poisoning or gastrointestinal blockage. It also can be caused by some other illness. Yes, it is true that a dietary indiscretion might be the culprit, which is something you can tolerate since the dog can find a way to heal itself. However, you really cannot tell unless you are a vet yourself.

5 – Diarrhea

Finally, diarrhea is one common issue in dogs and while it isn’t an emergency, you cannot ignore it since it can lead to dehydration. There have been countless instances of dogs dying due to dehydration, which in turn is caused by diarrhea. If you cannot go to the vet right away, you at least should put in the effort to call and ask what must be done to prevent dehydration.